Address: Russia, Kazan, 98, Ostrovskogo str.
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ES Gallery studios is a contemporary art gallery founded by architect and designer Elina Safarova in 2022 in Kazan.
We invite you on an exciting journey through our gallery. Immerse yourself in the world of art and discover a boundless ocean of inspiration where every painting is a story.
Elina Safarova about the gallery:

ES Gallery was created as a kind of community center for artists who are looking for themselves and are ready to share their creativity and ideas to be heard about outside Tatarstan.

Around architects and designers always gather people who can appreciate creativity. We have managed to create a kind of hub where we can give faith to creators, give them the opportunity to create art, they can constantly feel motivated, because there are so many people who do not yet know about their work. We all share experience and ES Gallery gives everyone who is on the path of creation the opportunity to discover their talent.


ES Gallery exhibition space is open for realization of various projects.

The first exhibition «TATARKA. WHO I AM» was a reflection on the role of women in modern society. The exhibition included paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky, photographic works by Karina Gizatullina and Fanis Nizamov, a video collage by Alisa Gulkanyan and the painting «Suyumbike» by Daniil Vtorushin.

The exhibition you can visit right now is called «Architecture of the Sensual». It is a report exhibition of five young artists who were selected to participate in the ES Gallery workshop. For three months, Ilya Tatarov, Nurgalieva Nuria, Abdrashitova Adelina, NEJI201 and Yasmin Valieva have been creating works dedicated to the artwork as a physical embodiment of a sensual object. At the exhibition you will see a map of sensual experiences of the studio residents.


The ES Gallery project of art residencies and workshops is a unique space for growth, created specifically for emerging authors as well as established artists. The aim of the project is to create an atmosphere of cultural exchange, inspiration and free expression of thought.

For emerging artists, the workshop becomes a space to get acquainted with different artistic techniques, work with new tools and equipment, a place to develop their own artistic method and search for a language. Artists are included in t he educational process: the residency program includes lectures from the expert community and colleagues, exchange of experience with curators, producers, critics and theorists, portfolio reviews, communication with teachers and mentors.